Sunday, July 17, 2011

Unsung heroine…

I know V since last 8 years. She has been one of my friend, guide and philosopher.

V is ordinary looking, 35 year old woman from a rural part of Maharashtra, barely a graduate in arts, and presently living in a single room in the most crowded part of Pune. So one will wonder, what’s so special about her?

In our few early meetings at an office where we both worked, I had mentally dismissed her as someone not being worthy of ‘my’ friendship. But slowly as I got to know her better and better and as she unfolded her life story to me, I simply began to feel awe for her.

V came from a village in Maharashtra from a very modest family. Her mother had passed away early and father not very keen to take the household responsibility. So she did tailoring whole day and had managed to save money enough to fill the exam form of X std. She had got to know about a college in Pune which admitted such girls in their college and also provided accommodation for minimum charges. It was more like a charitable institute where such girls had to pay least minimum charges.

Once again V saved enough money and came to Pune and admitted herself in college. She did not have money to pay even the least minimum charges, so she enrolled herself in earn and learn scheme. For 5 long years she worked in bakery, at times even if she had high fever or typhoid. She braved all odds and finally became graduate.

One of her friend’s family was so impressed by her honestly and sincerity that they took initiative and got her married. V’s only condition was that she should be able to pursue her studies. But marriage proved to be more miserable. Her husband began to follow her wherever she went, and also burnt down all her books. She decided to herself that it will be better to live on footpaths instead with such a man who lacks any kind of integrity. Yes and she walked out keeping her integrity and sanity intact.

Today V is a divorcee, works in a small NGO, and lives in a rented home with minimum necessities. In spite of all this, she has not become bitter about people and about life. She is content, cheerful and satisfied in her life. She carries herself with pride that she did not compromise her values and principles in life…

Life of V inspires me and many others. She is an inspiration for me… whenever I feel low, depressed and lost in life, a talk to her makes me spring back in action … her life keeps inspiring me.. and I love u V